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We work with youth and the community to raise awareness of alcohol and drug abuse.


Youth group launches alcohol awareness campaign

On Friday, October 19, 2018, local youth launched a campaign — called “Don’t Be The One We’re Talking About The Next Day” — to raise awareness about teen alcohol abuse in Manchester, CT. The youth group, called FACTS, worked over the last year creating a campaign that would engage their peers to highlight the negative effects of youth alcohol abuse in the community. The campaign features photos of Manchester teens and highlights some of the data that a 2017 study revealed.

Over the last week, the FACTS group secretly marked the campaign slogan around town — with chalk paint around schools and on magnets left on school lockers overnight. The media campaign, featuring posters, online media and news coverage was revealed today at homecoming, a time when teen alcohol misuse increases. The FACTS group hopes to change perceptions about alcohol among their peers.